Rough Magic Theatre “Lights Up the Streets” of Lancaster

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I had a lovely time performing my two shadow puppet suitcase shows “Jabberwocky!” and “Edward Lear’s Nonsense” at the “Light Up the Streets” event in Lancaster on Friday.

I had created light up hat decorations, (using my new top hat that I bought from a stall at Glastonbury Festival) and a light up buttonhole decoration specially for this event.  It was a bit of a challenge working out how to illuminate my costume for the event.  I couldn’t use anything that would catch on the shoulder and waist straps of the suitcase when I take them on and off and I couldn’t use anything so bright that it would interfere with the lighting for the shadow play by creating multiple shadows.  I think the overall effect, (using a combination of battery operated fibre optics and miniature fairy lights) was very attractive and worked very well.  I did get a number of compliments on my hat :)

I did my performances in the area between Lancaster Castle and The Storey Institute.

When it rained (a lot) I retreated inside the Storey and did a few performances in there for the wet and bedraggled audiences who swarmed inside to escape the weather.

I think people appreciated that they weren’t missing out on the entertainment by coming indoors.

Altogether it was a fantastic and friendly atmosphere and the rain did not dampen people’s spirits.

A big thank-you once again to Tim Austin for taking photographs of the show and generally helping out.  And a big thank-you to George Harris and The Duke’s for the use of their lovely dressing room, (quite a treat for a street performer).  And thank-you to all my audiences for turning out in the wet.

Nonsense at Wakefield Literature Festival & Nursery Rhymes with Monsieur le Fou on European Languages Day


About a month ago I was invited to perform both my “Jabberwocky!” and “Edward Lear’s Nonsense” suitcase shows as part of Wakefield Literature Festival for a Toddler group at Wakefield Grammar School Foundation, (Mulberry House).  The shows went down very well with the adults, the babies and the toddlers as well.  You can see from the photo’s that some of the children took me up on the offer of a “behind the scenes tour”, letting them get a closer look at the puppets.

Camilla Field, (Director of Marketing for Wakefield Grammar School Foundation) was good enough to take all the photographs you see on this post.

As it was European Languages Day and Camilla had asked if we had anything suitable for the Pre-prep children in the afternoon.  So Leo Nolan (a long term collaborator and founder member of Midland Red Theatre Co. and Rough Magic Theatre) and myself put on a little show called “Nursery Rhymes with Monsieur le Fou” (CLICK HERE for Leo’s website).  Leo plays Monsieur le Fou, a very silly French man who teaches the children Nursery Rhymes in French, and I play Miss Construed who is British and interprets between him and the children in the audience.  We look at saying Hello, Incy Wincy Spider and Little Miss Muffet as well as indulging in a spot of birthday cake baking for Miss Muffet’s Birthday.  This provides the opportunity to look at various animal and food names along the way.



If you would like to Book “Nursery Rhymes with Monsieur le Fou” or either of my Shadow Puppet Suitcase shows then please CLICK HERE to contact me.

The children’s animal costumes, honey pot, eggs and basket were created by Joy Nolan-Evans.  CLICK HERE to see more of her work on her new blog