A Technaphobic Blog

Dear Reader,

(I sound just like one of the Brontes, ho, ho! irony).  I hope you will bear with me as I suss out how this blogging business works.  My initial reaction to the idea of blogging was, “Huh! that’s just for people who don’t have a life!  I’m too busy with REAL life”.  So, what, you are doubtless wondering with bated breath, changed my mind?

I recently attended a fantastic FEU, (Federation of Entertainment Unions) course which discussed C.V.s, Marketing, Networking and, yes you’ve guessed it, Social Networking.  Now, being based a little out in the sticks, “real” networking is a serious and often expensive business.  I am also a bit of an introvert extrovert and don’t generally like blowing my own trumpet and telling everyone how great I am.  I have a similar attitude towards networking as blogging; it is a distraction from actually doing things.  So, when we were shown a very flashy video with all kinds of surprisingly huge statistics, (when it comes to the number of people social networking) I changed my mind about the whole business.

By doing this blog I can get in touch with huge numbers of genuinely interesting and interested people in a short time, (hopefully).  So it is actually ideal for a busy individual like me.  I’ll say more about this in my “about page” or whatever it’s called, but I intend to have a bit of a diary type thing about what I’m up to and plenty of photos cos they’re interesting to look at and quick to upload, (yay).

I also intend to try and make this as interactive as possible – maybe you guys can help me with that?  It would be great if we can share lots of stuff, like different puppet making techniques or whatever else people are interested in, (you can check out the stuff I do on our website – www.roughmagictheatre.co.uk).  Feel free to request things in the comments to this post.  Any tips on blogging would be good too.

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About Collette Knowles

I am artistic director of Rough Magic Theatre, and I have been performing and making puppets since 1999. I have a Drama and Arts Education degree from the great Bretton Hall College, (Yay!). I started the great loves/obsessions of my life in about 1997, (Celebratory Arts, Street Theatre and last but definitely not least Puppetry). I am also an actor, artist, musician and all the other different roles necessary in the field of puppet theatre.

One thought on “A Technaphobic Blog

  1. Never be afraid to blow your own trumpet; if you don’t blow your own trumpet, ain’t no one gonna blow it for ya’ 😉

    ‘Cept me – because I’ve seen you in action and, frankly, you’re ace.

    Keep up the good work!

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