New Shadow Puppet

Edward Lear's "The New Vestments"

Gok Wan, eat your heart out!

This is a shadow puppet for my brand new show that I hope to be seen at the Skipton Puppet Festival, (23/09/11) assuming their funding comes through alright.  It is the “old man” in his “purely original dress” from Edward Lear’s fantastic nonsense poem, “The New Vestments”.  I intend to keep you all updated with the progress of the devising of this show which is to be an additional show for my fabulous mobile shadow suitcase theatre.  The current show for this is “Jabberwocky!” and you can see more details of this at our website (  I am thinking of calling the show simply “Edward Lear’s nonsense” as I doubt children know what “vestments” means and “The New Clothes” could be confused with “The Emperor’s New Clothes”.  What do you think?  Ideas anyone?


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