New Liquorice House Mock Up Scene

Sweet Old Lady?

A Sweet Old Lady?

At last I have revealed some of the images for the forthcoming Hansel & Gretel Toy Theatre show.

The fact is, I wouldn’t have bothered to do such a high quality mock-up if it were not for an interesting development. The Vischmarkt Papierentheater Festival is unpaid, and for this reason I have been attempting to attract sponsorship from Liquorice manufacturers. I have thus far been unsuccessful and time is getting short for attracting funders.

I have in fact booked our ferry tickets and our travel insurance now, and in order to at least manage to recoup these costs, we are doing something called “Wefund”. As I understand it, this basically allows anyone who’s interested to contribute to our project within a set time limit and hopefully raise a specified amount of money.

To attract interest in our project, however, you need to make a promotional video. With this in mind, I thought I’d better get some stuff together that was pretty to look at, as well as functional.

For those who are thinking “Wot no real liquorice?” fear not. There will be real liquorice on the scenery of the finished full size version.

I have completed roughly a third of my unpretty mock up puppets and I now have one pretty backdrop and a pretty puppet I can use with them as well. Tomorrow, I am definitely going to finish all of the mock up puppets and sets, no excuses.

I am deligating the video making to Tim, who is doing that tomorrow. I’m afraid I shall be expected to show my face on it at some point, (not looking forward to that!). So, watch this space for more on that soon.

Doubtless you’ll all be delighted to hear that the script is now completely finished. I have also given my music wish-list to a very good musician friend of mine so I can get on with everything else I have to do. All very exciting!

Till you get to see our marvellous video, here is a “trailer” for the Vischmarkt Festival, that someone else has made 🙂


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