“Jumping Jacks, Batman!!”

"Jumping Jacks, Batman!"

"Holy, Jumping Jacks, Batman, I'm seeing double!"

Since my last post, things have been super busy. I have had a lot of helpful comments about materials from the yahoo toy theatre forum folks. These have been a tremendous help with deciding how to make the final sets and puppets and what materials to use. If any of you have any further paper and glue suggestions etc. Please feel free to comment below.

I have finally finished my mock-up sets and puppets for “Hansel & Gretel”, which we will use to practice with while we make the finished quality sets and puppets.

We also have a date set for recording the remaining music for the show, (very exciting!). My very good musician friend has been working on that while we concentrate on everything else.

We have finished our promotional video for “Wefund” which contains a clip from the Vischmarkt Papierentheater Festival, (with kind permission). All of the necessary information has been uploaded to the Wefund site, we are merely waiting for them to make it available for public viewing. In the meanwhile, for those who can’t wait, here is the video, which is also hosted on “You tube”. The photos are of a Jumping Jack that I made earlier. We will be offering personalised versions of these (among other incentives) to those who give £20 to us through “Wefund”.

I hope you enjoy the pictures and video and will let you know as soon as the “Wefund” page is up and running!


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