Dear faithful reader,

This is going to be a short one as huge amounts of things seem to be kicking off at once in my life at the moment, personally and professionally.  I shall give you more details on Friday, but the main reason for the delay is that I have an audition tomorrow with Norwich Puppet Theatre for their coming production of Little Red Riding Hood.  Wish me luck everybody, or is it break a leg?

All the exciting details will be revealed on Friday – till then don’t forget our Toy Theatre Wefund page – please share with all your friends and give us a bit of money if you can afford it!

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About Collette Knowles

I am artistic director of Rough Magic Theatre, and I have been performing and making puppets since 1999. I have a Drama and Arts Education degree from the great Bretton Hall College, (Yay!). I started the great loves/obsessions of my life in about 1997, (Celebratory Arts, Street Theatre and last but definitely not least Puppetry). I am also an actor, artist, musician and all the other different roles necessary in the field of puppet theatre.

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