Mega Busy!

It's that puppet again!

She gets everywhere!!!

So, as promised, the everything happening at once that I promised to tell you all about.

Lots of things have been happening just when I am trying to really crack on with the Hansel & Gretel Toy Theatre show that is creeping up increasingly quickly.  Despite this I have got the majority of the final quality puppets drawn out and I plan to get all of the artwork finished for Monday when it will be taken to the printers.  Our filming date has been pushed back to next Friday, all being well.  A large chunk of the sliders are complete and the corrugated plastic scenery that things will be mounted on will also be complete by Monday.  The curtain is already finished!

So, what else has been happening?  I hear you ask.  Yesterday I had an audition for a tour of Little Red Riding Hood with Norwich Puppet Theatre.  This is the first in house show they have produced for some time, so it is very exciting.  The voices I have been using for Hansel & Gretel came in very nicely, I fancy.  I also got to play with an in progress wolf rod puppet and used a song, some acting and puppetry from our Alice in Wonderland show to demonstrate my skills for them.  This took all day, including the drive from North Yorkshire to Norwich and back.  The people I met there were all very nice by the way.

This leads on to another thing that has happened.  We are doing our Alice in Wonderland show at Hebden Bridge Arts Festival on Saturday the 25th of June at 1.30pm.  I am also doing shoe box toy theatre making workshops at Buxton Puppet Festival on Saturday the 30th of July.

Given the amount of work I need to do in time for the Vischmarkt Papierentheater Festival, you will not hear from me for some time.  If any of you are attending the festival I shall see you there.  I am very much hoping that someone will write a review of our show, and I intend to try and write up some of other people’s.  So, goodbye for now.  Don’t forget, you can help support our show by going to our Wefund page, please see the links on the right of the home page.


2 thoughts on “Mega Busy!

    • Thanks for replying Trish. I shall be delighted to provide you with something. It shall be slightly later rather than sooner as we only got back yesterday and we have to move house now, which we were putting off till our return. I may have something for you sometime next week. It depends how well I do with everything else. It was a lovely festival and it all went very well, you’ll be glad to hear. Unseasonably beautiful weather too.

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