Rough Magic Theatre at Buxton Puppet Festival!

As I my last few posts have been of the exceedingly wordy variety, I feel justified in making this blog very “picturey”.  As I’ve mentioned previously, I went to Buxton for their puppet festival on Saturday the 30th of July.  A small but very artistic bunch of children and parents created these fantastic shoe box toy theatres with me in only an hour and a half!  My hope is that they will be able to create more characters, scenery and stories for the theatres, having had this exceedingly good start.

After the workshop, (in which I was ably assisted by some very nice people from Buxton Opera House) I wanted to stick around for Karizmo and Sim Sim puppets performance of Sinbad.  In the gap in between, I got myself a picnic lunch and sat in the Pavilion Gardens.

If you’re getting the impression that being a puppetry professional is all picnics in the sunshine then let me tell you that I got up at 5am to be at the workshop in plenty of time and chopping slits in 20 shoe boxes with a stanley knife isn’t a barrel of laughs either.  I’m not complaining, just seeking to show you that I deserved a bit of relaxation time.

Karizmo and Sim Sim puppets did a fantastic, highly interactive show, getting the audience to help play percussion instruments, sing the songs, use the different rod and glove puppets and see first hand the marvels of the universe through the magic telescope of the Cyclops.  All of the audience, me included, found it a highly enjoyable experience.  The evil magician puppet being attacked by the “angry aubergine” puppet wielded by a very small boy was a highlight of the performance for me.  The authentic costume worn by Karizmo and the eastern rugs and the decorations on the booth were also a big part of the magic of the experience.


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