200 years of English Nonsense!…….and here’s a cat in a suit.

Once again, lots happening this week.  I have been sticking my fingers into as many pies as I can get my hands on.

A couple of developments on the street theatre side!  My shadow suitcase shows are now on the “continental drifts” database and I shall be auditioning for Pif-Paf the week after next, (all being well).  They are doing a remarkable interactive show about bees!  More on that after the audition.

I also discovered that fortuitously enough it is Edward Lear’s Bicentenary this year!  Who would have thought that I would make an Edward Lear show, just because I like him, just in time for his 200th Anniversary?  Let me know if you’re doing an Edward Lear event this year and would like my show to be there!  I can do themed workshops too!  Here’s a link to our “Edward Lear’s Nonsense” show page if you want to find out more.

The workshop with the Bay Primary, Bridlington is coming up next Thursday.  We’ll be making puppets to go with a “Lost in the Toy Museum” theme.  This is a book the children have been reading.  In my last post, I showed a picture of the basic undecorated string puppet.  Now here’s a decorated example puppet for your delectation and delight!  We’ll be making hand puppets too, and I shall be doing an example of that soon as well.

A puppet based on a character from "Lost in the Toy Museum"



2 thoughts on “200 years of English Nonsense!…….and here’s a cat in a suit.

  1. The shadow suitcase is a genius idea, Collette. I’ve had a look at the pics on your Rough Magic site and they’re amazing – shadow puppetry in broad daylight! Do you do these street performances at night as well?

    • As yet, I have not done any night-time performances with it, but I think it would work very well at night. It does have a built in battery powered fluorescent tube light for indoors or low level light situations. I’m planning to do something extra with my costume for at night so I can be seen and so I can see where I’m going.

      I might use my LED head torch that we use for our indoor party shadow show “The interrupted Wedding”. We use an umbrella for the screen in that.

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