Tents & Cooksets & Mailouts, Oh My!

I have largely been doing one of the boring parts of my job this week, that is the admin.

“Oh, no! Surely not the admin!”, I hear you say.

I’m afraid so.  I have been working on databases and mail-merging for primary schools.  All very dull, but printing mail-merge envelopes does seem quite magical in its own little way.  My husband Tim was most amused to hear me regularly tittering to myself as the envelopes came out of the printer.  I did restrain myself from saying: “It works, IT WORKS!!!! HA HA HA HAAAA!” in a mad scientist kind of way.  Well, you’ve got to do something to relieve the monotiny haven’t you?

While waiting for things to print I had a look at the old social media stuff and found a fun video combining 2 of my favourite things: Kate Bush and puppets! (please don’t watch this if you don’t like to see puppets behaving badly):

Also my camping cook set and tent arrived on Friday and that cheered me up immensely.  If you’re wondering why I ordered them so far ahead of the Masquepony Street Arts camping event in August, it is because I hoped by ordering them now before the season starts I would get some bargains, as indeed I did!

According to the “Tent Commandments”, (I know, an appalling joke, but I’m not guilty of this one).  You should try your tent out in advance in good weather and then “weather” it by wetting it all over.  Seems a bit bizarre but I guess it’s better to find a hole in your tent well in advance rather than during a rain storm in the night when you’re in it and don’t have anywhere else to go.  I think it is probably a bit like stretching paper for painting too.  Looking forward to a dry day in Bentham, (she laughs sarcastically) we do have them occasionally.  We get a lot of rain here because of the proximity of Ingleborough, one of the famous 3 peaks.  I’m not complaining as I’ve always loved mountains, you do get rained on, but at least you do have a mountain to look at, or climb if you’re feeling energetic.


2 thoughts on “Tents & Cooksets & Mailouts, Oh My!

  1. Aha, this link did indeed send me to the post with the Kate bush video. Thank you for sharing that. It’s sort of cute in a bizarre, faceless, slightly creepy way!
    On the subject of tents, I’m always reminded of my camping experience with a pop-up tent when we pray the Canticle from the Book of Tobit in Divine Office with the words: ‘Give thanks worthily to the Lord, … that his tent may be raised for you again with joy.’ Have fun camping!

    • I would like to hope that the nice tent will keep out the weather without the need for divine intervention, but I shall certainly be thankful if it does! I think the Lord’s assistance may be needed in the matter of the weather being dry when the tent is erected in the first place, though! 🙂

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