More Adventures of a Mechanical Horse

Hello, everyone.

The reason for the long gap since the last post is that we have been super busy.  This was doing our “My Last Carnival” bike powered horse project.  You can see the finished showing of this in Bentham on June 2nd.

Rather than take up lots of time explaining what and why we were doing things I’ve put lots of pictures and a video together.  If you’d like more information about any of the pictures etc. feel free to ask me a question in the comments box and I’ll try to illuminate things further.

We’ve also very nearly finished our Hansel & Gretel Toy Theatre show video.  We are at the final tweaking stages and I shall give you more information about that as soon as I’ve got it.


4 thoughts on “More Adventures of a Mechanical Horse

  1. I like it! I want one! Is it going to be pedal powered for locomotion too, or is it pushed, or is it stationary? Are you building a buggy for the driver to sit in while pedaling?

    • One of the ideas was to have it move along if there had been a parade or something, but it is more convenient for the event it is for for it to be a stationary installation. We’re going to have a bit of street theatre with two characters to interact with the audience as well.

      We may adapt it to move along for future events.

  2. Wow!! It’s really taking shape. I love the fluidity of the movement you’ve achieved. Is this the “skeleton” of the horse, so to speak? i.e. will it have padding of some sort to give it a solid, rounded body?

    • It is not going to be very naturalistic, partly because there are so few areas that the movement will not interfere with, but I will be doing more to it. I can’t say what I will do definitively at this point because I want to try some things out.

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