Horses, Toy Theatres and Automobiles….

Curiously enough, while working on a project called “My Last Car” I have been without the use of my poor faithful old van.  It has been languishing at the garage while the cause of its lack of power was agonised over and attributed to various eroneous causes.

How have I been managing?  Surprisingly well, though only, (in some cases) due to the generousity of other people lending their vehicles to ferry materials and bits of bike and mechanical horse etc. backward and forward.

We decided to actually go whole hog for the local shopping on foot and as our local magazine the Bentham News suggested some while back, the lack of cost to drive out of town to a supermarket means that any slight price increase is compensated for.

I have been extremely healthy/exhausted tramping backwards and forwards on foot, but I have always tried to keep my van for journeys that are absolutely necessary anyway.

After discovering the true cause of my old van’s decrepitude I was advised that I’d be better off with a new one, (a new old one anyway).

I now have a shiny little red van with which I am very pleased, and very relieved that I will be able to use for my work.  So, though I can see it is possible to manage without a car, it also has made me extremely aware of how very useful it is to have one.

So what with sorting this out I have not made as much progress with the horse as I had to show in the last post, but it is still coming along.

Also, excitingly, we have finished editing both a full length and trailer length versions of our Hansel & Gretel Toy Theatre film and I hope to have the trailer online at some point next week, so watch this space!

Click here to see earlier posts about My Last Carnival Horse Automaton.

Remember you can see the completed project on June 2nd in High Bentham Town Centre


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