More on suitcase/pram theatres etc.

Here’s a nice email from one of my readers David Goboff:

Hi Collette

I wrote to you once before about the suitcase shadow theater.  I’m still knocking about with the idea but have not put one into a show.  About your idea using a pram; sounds good because they can go over rough ground, and you do seem to do lots of outdoor gigs.
I have been noodling around with a shopping cart.  I don’t think it would do as well over grass, but I like the way it can fold up.  Here’s a picture that is like the one I’m adapting:
Dave Goboff's shopping cart

Dave Goboff’s shopping cart

It folds, does well over paved areas and indoors.  I have cut a door into the back so I can get to the cart itself without going through the top.  I have a plywood top that fits onto the cart.  The handle comes apart and the plywood has 2 holes cut into it so the handle can pass through.  I haven’t attached a screen, but I have used a small toy theater that I stored inside the cart, but placed on the top.  Setting it up is part of the show.
I too have a battery operated PA that will fit below.  Its weight gives the cart stability.
When it is further along I’ll take some photos and send them along.
Here’s a search for more pictures of the folding shopping carts.
Dave Goboff
(954) 667-3283

If you can imagine it, we can make it happen.

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