MORE “Gloria” Puppet in Progress Pictures!!!

A Star is Born....!!!

A Star is Born….!!!

Hello everyone,

I have been a while posting this next installment of the making of our new “Officer Buckle & Gloria” show for Child Safety Week.  That’s because I wanted to finish “Gloria” before I did another post.

She is finished now, apart from installing controls.  I shall be playing about with that this week.  I want to see what controls will work best for the actions we need her to do.

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CLICK HERE to see previous post, with more details about the show!

OFFICER BUCKLE AND GLORIA ©1995 by Peggy Rathmann.

First published in the United States by G. P. Putnam’s Sons. All rights

reserved. Used with permission

Also coming up this coming Saturday the 1st of June is the High Bentham “CARnival “.  This is a continuation from “My Last CARnival” last year and there will be all sorts of exciting transport themed activities and entertainment for all ages, including a parade and go-cart racing.  I shall be doing my “Jabberwocky” suitcase show in my new medieval costume along Main Street from 11am-1pm and in the Black Bull car park after the procession.  Some of the workshops to make stuff for the CARnival are still running so come along while you can, (CLICK HERE for details).


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