Lots of fun at Castlefield Carnival!

It was a real treat to be at Castlefield Arena on Sunday.  The last time I performed there was with “Manchester 5000” which was Tony Watts of the Manchester School of Samba’s attempt to get 5000 samba drummers all playing at the same time.  It is a wonderful venue for street performance as you can see from the photo’s.  I even did one show for a group of blokes on their canal barge, which was fun.

There were a few worries about the weather as rain was forecast for the afternoon but in the end there were just a few specks here and there.  So this meant that all the planned fun such as running races and inflatable slides etc. could go ahead without any trouble.  It was good for us as well of course, though I did have to make a dash under the bridge during just one of the many performances.  It is the first year they have done this particular event and Carol, (one of the organisers) was saying that they were hoping that numbers would continue to grow from year to year through word of mouth etc.  So if you didn’t make this year, do try and come along next time as it was a wonderful family day out with a huge variety of things going on.

Everyone seemed to really enjoy both Tim as the Mad Hatter and myself doing the “Jabberwocky!” suitcase show.  In fact, I was delighted to get a fan email the day after our performance with some photo’s from Caroline Thom.  Below is a copy of her email:

“Subject: Brilliant today @ Castlefield Carnival



Just had to say I thought your performers were fabulous at Castlefield Carnival today. Me and my son were lucky enough to see the Mad Hatter and the puppet lady do their thing !! My 6 year old son was captivated by the puppet show, I have a few photo’s I wanted to share with you

Taken by Caroline Thom

Taken by Caroline Thom

Taken by Caroline Thom

Taken by Caroline Thom

Caroline also said:

I thought your performance was so original and fun”

A big, big thank-you to Caroline and her son Leon for that!!


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