Knaresborough Feva & Mintfest, Kendal 2013!

You’ve doubtless noticed that I have been rather quiet on the blog front for a while so here’s an update on what I’ve been up to!

I had a smashing time doing “Jabberwocky!” at Knaresborough Feva 2013 which was really well organised and had large and enthusiastic audiences.  They were so enthusiastic that they were all gathered and waiting for me to begin every time I came out!

CLICK HERE to see photo’s the organisers took on their Facebook page.

We were very pleased to give our mechanical horse an airing at Lakes Alive event “Mintfest” in Kendal.  Followers of this blog will know that “Fred Fettler’s “Pony 3000” – The Transport of the Future!” show was commissioned last year for the “My Last CARnival” event in High Bentham.  CLICK HERE to see earlier posts showing the making & design process.

Below are photo’s that Tim Austin (who plays Fred Fettler) took at Mintfest, including the fabulous Firework display by Pa Boom on the Sunday evening.  This and Richard Dedomenici’s “Redux – Dawn of the Dead” were the only things we got to watch ourselves this year as we were too busy performing!  A section from the film Dawn of the Dead was recreated with local people playing Zombies etc. by Richard at the Westmorland Shopping Centre and screened there on the Sunday evening.  You can see the video at the bottom this post.

In between we also caught a bit of a fabulous band called “Dublin 2 Delhi” outside the Brewery Arts Centre.

Be warned the video below contains violence and gore so is not suitable for little kids, (though one of the zombies is played by a lad of about 11!)


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