New Show coming soon! – “Clueless & Wuffles – The Case of the Missing Jewels!”

Coming Soon.....

Coming Soon…..

D.S. Wuffles and his human counterpart D.C.I. Clueless could be arriving at a venue near you as they investigate the mysterious theft of the Crown Jewels!

They are a comically hapless crime fighting team.  Clueless is full of himself, but Wuffles is the real brains of the operation.

Will they recover the Crown Jewels with the help of the audience?  What are those cheeky but elusive crows up to?  Will Clueless & Wuffles get a knighthood from the Queen or will they get locked up in the Tower of London instead?

With songs and lots of slapstick fun.

Watch this space for behind the scenes snippets and show locations.  Please CONTACT US if you would like to book the show!  AVAILABLE FROM THE END OF JUNE 2014.

This show has been booked for a very exciting event – More when all is confirmed……!


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