See Rough Magic Theatre’s Crown Jewels!

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Hi folks, here’s the latest installment of stuff from our upcoming Glastonbury Festival Show “Clueless & Wuffles – The Case of the Missing Jewels!”

Obviously as the plot involves the theft of the Crown Jewels we needed something to represent the Crown Jewels.  I had a look at things that were available to buy but wasn’t impressed with the quality or price of anything I saw on a certain well known internet auction site.

So instead I scoured the local pound shops to see what they had in the way of sparkly plastic tat for girly little girls and also sparkly plastic tat for girly hen nights.  The magnificent effigies of the crown you see in the pictures are lovingly glue-gunned together from 3 headband/ tiaras, 12 tiara hair combs and a selection of delightfully gaudy and tacky party favour necklaces.  The orb is a mini disco mirror ball with various additions of beads/ribbons etc. that have been hoarded for many years in the hopes of them coming in useful.  I am a great hoarder of things which makes our house rather untidy, but you always find you need something just after you’ve decided to throw it out!

The sceptre is exactly as purchased though was described as a “fairy wand” I think.  I imagine the real Crown Jewels do not have tiny pictures of Disney characters painted on but who knows?

I am not a girly person hence my pouring scorn on pink glittery plasticky tat.  However, I have to confess that on bringing my sparkly haul back to the house I could not resist bedecking myself in sparkly plastic grandeur and indulging in some dancing about and giggling.  I would never have expected to feel such a sense of innocent delight at this girly dressing up ritual.  It would be amusing if the Queen did this occasionally with the real Crown Jewels but I suspect dressing up is too mundane a procedure for her.

The portrait of the Queen in the background of one of the pictures was drawn by me onto a flip-chart pad that is going to be one of the major props for the show.  I used a photo from the Queen’s Coronation day as the basis.

Have a lovely Easter everyone and I’ll be back with more news soon!


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