Punch & Judy P.C. debate in Derby

An Anti-Domestic Violence campaigner took issue with the content of a Punch & Judy show in a Derby shopping centre – CLICK HERE for the article.

You will see that I attempted to open a debate on Punch & Judy content and political correctness in my previous post and it is very interesting to see the comments on this Derby Telegraph article are largely in favour of the traditional Punch & Judy content.  CLICK HERE for the follow up article which features the overwhelming support of the newspaper readers for Punch & Judy.

It would be very interesting to see what Punch & Judy practitioners have to say about how they make decisions about what to include in their show as not all Punch & Judy shows have Punch receiving his just deserts for his naughtiness at the end of the show but rather see him beating the devil with his slapstick too.  But violence against the Devil is good, isn’t it?  Please add your own comments on the issue to this post.

I think the Punch & Judy Online source material for schools is very useful on this issue as it describes Punch as being designed to be a kind of clown (and slapsticks are what clowns would use in their comedy) and also describes Judy as a female clown.  CLICK HERE for a link to Punch & Judy Online


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