A Mad Tea Party in Skelmersdale

The Mad Hatter and Alice had a lovely time at the recent Vintage & Handmade Fair at Sandy Lane Shopping Centre in Skelmersdale on Saturday 27th of September.

They were even given a cake each by the lovely people in the “Baker Chick” Bakery.  I’m sorry to say that the March Hare and Dormouse did not get a cake each too, though perhaps the Hatter was feeling generous.

Click HERE for photo

Alice & the Mad Hatter met lots of lovely people and managed to avoid bumping into the Queen of Hearts and growing or shrinking excessively.  The locals were also treated to renditions of “Twinkle-twinkle Little Bat”.

Rough Magic Theatre does an hour long indoor version of Alice in Wonderland which you can find out more about by clicking HERE

To book or find out more about our walkabout Mad Hatter’s Tea Party show please click HERE


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