Carnival Bentham coming soon!

I recently attended the Carnival Bentham AGM and have the marvellous news that it is happening again this year on Saturday 4th of June 2016 so put it in your diaries everyone.

We have of course participated ourselves in this event every year so far with our now famous “Pony 3000” act (seen at Lancashire Encounter last year) and Rough Magic Theatre’s Tim Austin was the official Bentham storyteller for last year’s theme of Tales of the Riverbank.

After much wracking of brains we have a tentative theme for the carnival of decorated umbrellas! I say tentative because last year I advertised the theme on this blog and then it was changed at the next meeting! This theme does seem apt for Bentham’s usual weather though!

This reminded me of a tweet I saw a while back of a Magritte inspired walkabout act, so I looked them up again and they are from an Australian company called La Galerie Mobile and they also have other walkabouts that make interesting use of umbrellas (see below)


I was also reminded of this little scene from the James Bond film “Live and let Die” though hopefully we can manage without the ‘orrible murder before-hand!

So those are a few ideas to get people’s minds working.

Start thinking creative umbrella-wise Bentham folks!


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