RMT’s “The Tempest” returns for Shakespeare’s Anniversary year

mess1We are delighted to announce that after an absence of 10 years Rough Magic Theatre is re-launching our ever popular production of Shakespeare’s “The Tempest“.  Please CLICK HERE for the main Rough Magic Theatre show page including the history and photo’s of the production.

This year (2016) is the 400th Anniversary of Shakespeare’s death and so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to bring back Rough Magic Theatre’s first ever production.

Leo Nolan-Evans (a fantastic musician and performer) will be returning to play the leading role of Prospero.

goodpicleoLeo came up with the whole original concept for the production and is therefore responsible for my first puppet making exploits.  Since that first introduction, puppetry has gone on to be something of a personal obsession and I have made puppets and performed in a great many other productions since then.

img025“The Tempest” has gone through a good many versions over the years and I have no doubt that we will be tweaking it once again so that the performance is new, fresh and the best it can be whilst keeping all of the good old stuff too.

We are due to perform the show twice on Saturday the 23rd of July for Historical Hereford Day (for details CLICK HERE).  However the show will be available to book for June 2016 onwards.

The show comes in a shorter 30 minute version for outdoors and a longer hour version for indoor venues such as schools, theatres etc.  Teachers packs will be available for school bookings.  Please CLICK HERE to book the show for your venue/event.db_pic3


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