“Tempest” Rehearsals and Carnival Plans

tempest posterWe have started rehearsals for “The Tempest” and considering it has been over 10 years since our last performances of this show, it is surprising how quickly everything is coming back to us.

We have been experimenting with some slightly different instruments from those which we had used previously, including ukulele and a talking drum.

2016Tempest Rehearsal Pic

Leo practices the music on his ukulele

We have also made some alterations and improvements to the script to make it more topical.  I won’t give too many details away as we don’t want to spoil it for everyone!

We are in the process of taking bookings for schools, street festivals, theatre and other indoor spaces.  We have both a 30 minute outdoor version and the full hour length version for indoors so if you’d like to find out if the show is suitable for your venue or event CLICK HERE to get in touch.

Plans for Carnival Bentham 2016 continue to develop also.  There will be a raffle to raise money on Easter Saturday morning in High Bentham Town centre so come along and show your support.  If anyone has a prize they’d like to donate CLICK HERE to go to the Facebook page and let them know.

As it is an umbrella themed carnival this year Rough Magic Theatre are booked to do our famous “Interrupted Wedding” Shadow Puppet show which uses an umbrella for the screen.  Please CLICK HERE to see one of my previous posts all about one of this show’s visits to a primary school including lots of photo’s.

We are also in discussion about Rough Magic Theatre’s Tim Austin making a return visit as official Bentham storyteller.  Watch this space…….!!!


One thought on ““Tempest” Rehearsals and Carnival Plans

  1. Reblogged this on Lyrical Lord Leo and commented:
    Excited to be re-booting The Tempest for the 2016 Shakespeare celebrations (400 years after his death). There’s life in the old dog yet (and I’m not just referring to Shakespeare). First outing Hereford, Sat. July 23rd

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