Stone Puppet Festival 2016 Needs Your Help! :)

Festival CF posterStone Puppet Festival  2015 was a fantastic occasion and a first ever  puppet festival for Stone in Staffordshire.

CLICK HERE to remind yourself about what it was like.  You may notice the familiar face of Rough Magic Theatre’s Tim Austin in the guise of a Mad Hatter on this poster too!

It was particularly heartening to see a new festival starting when so many festivals and artists are struggling in our current economic climate.  Events like this can be a lifeline – not just for puppeteers but for all the other local businesses too.

Festivals like this are an annual tourism opportunity with many puppet festival fans travelling many miles year after year to the same event.

This is to say nothing of what an enlivening and inspiring thing it is for local residents too (particularly children and families) making for a great community spirit and atmosphere and pride in the place you live.

With all this in mind David Leech (of Pelham Puppets) and Richard Jones (a resident of Stone who teamed up with David last year so his children and other families could have an exciting local event) have started a Crowd Funding campaign to try and make the festival happen again this year.  They are aiming to raise £3000 by 11am on the 28th of May and thus far have raised £159.00 so that means that we have £2841 still to raise.  Unless the target is reached then the festival will not go ahead.
Wuffles Poster3queenpicWe performed our “Alice in Wonderland” show at Stone last year and this year, assuming all goes to plan we will be performing our “Clueless & Wuffles -The Case of the Missing Jewels!” show that premiered to packed houses at the Kidz Field in Glastonbury.  It would be wonderful to have an excuse to perform this show again at Stone (particularly in the year of the Queen’s 90th Birthday).


  •  You can either pledge money yourself (from as little as £1 every bit helps).
  • You can share the Crowd Funding link below with all your friends on all your social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter etc.) and encourage them to do the same!


So please give as much or as little as you can and please Share, share share and help this wonderful festival happen 🙂

CLICK HERE for the main festival website.

CLICK HERE for festival facebook page.


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