Animation at National Media Museum, Bradford

The photos above are some of the exhibits from the animation section at the National Media Museum in Bradford.  I had a quick look in before an artists networking meeting at Kala Sangam yesterday.  Obviously the quality of my photos is not that great but if you have never been before it is well worth a visit and can see the originals properly for yourselves.  It is an excellent resource, brilliant for kids and is free to get in.  There is also a picnic area if you want an extra cheap day out as well as the IMAX cinema if you want to splash out a bit.  For a trip down memory lane they have old computer/arcade games that you can play and also a section on TV and old TV adverts.

I used to go as a child when it was called the National Museum of Photography, Film and Television and it has lost none of its charm.  In fact they constantly have new exhibitions, activities etc. and are a central part of the Bradford Animation Festival which showed Lotte Reiniger’s feature length silhouette animation film “The Adventure of Prince Achmed” with a specially commissioned live musical score back in 2014.  This film with live musical accompaniment is being shown again in July this year at the Horse + Bamboo Puppet Festival (CLICK HERE for more details).


7 thoughts on “Animation at National Media Museum, Bradford

  1. Love you presentation of the large paper doll Alice In Wonderland characters… Live too far Central MS USA.. Do you have a newsletter>> I started making a puppet story from the Ukrainian or Russian story KOLOBOK. Give the puppets to a Baptist Church in rural area, for Summer Bible Vacation Bible School. I am not a Baptist… Love your program and organization… atk

    • Hi Annette, lovely to hear from you. I’m not sure why you aren’t getting the sound on the videos, we checked it and it works fine for us. It could be the speaker settings on your computer or on the video itself. If the speaker icon at the bottom left of the video has a cross on it then the sound is muted and if you click on it that might fix the problem.

      We don’t currently have a newsletter – the blog is basically a newsletter in itself but I have been thinking about doing one (in the long term to do list). However if you have something in particular you would like me to cover in the blog, let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

      By the way, what kind of puppets did you use for your KOLOBOK story? Do you have any pictures?

      • GOOD AFTERNOON FROM THE USA, I have just finished the KOLOBOK BUN (I call child?) but it is so rough, the face is cute because I used a gourd from my garden. I painted it rust and made the body from rust colored felt… The fox, rabbit, old lady and man are in rough stages, will use paper-mache. The bear and wolf different medium-though the wolf looks like a turned gourd on its side to make the wolf scarier-though in the story he looks like a lamb… thanks, atk

      • Good Morning Ms. Collette Knowles, I will have my husband place the pictures of the puppets on my Face Book page. Do you have the “REQUEST A FRIEND” page on Face Book??? One of the puppet sets I made last year 2015 was based on my creating characters of my family as circus perfomers-my husband said my maiden name meant in German “shephard.” So I named the set-Circus of Sheep Performers.. My favorite is my nephew up side down character one hand on a skateboard, the other holding hats, his two feet in the air holding hats, with one hat opening up with bats popping out in flight… He actually, the puppet turned out quite good as an amateur puppet maker that I call myself…
        Love the group that you work with-unbelievable the amount of theater and work the presentations my take to capture the interest of little ones and young adults/adults… thanks for sharing… atk

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