Behind the Scenes with “The Secret Keeper”!

Who are these peculiar people in their fetching Steampunk/Cyberpunk coats? It is Collette Knowles and Tim Austin of Rough Magic Theatre on a family outing to the YSP (Yorkshire Sculpture Park) in the torrential rain! The Sculpture Park is on the site of the former Arts University (Bretton Hall) where they met for the first time 19 years ago!

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Thanks so much for contributing to our work! 😃👍

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Here is some of the work on the character of the King of “Junk Town”. In the first episode he is attending a party so the first look I needed to create for him was not his normal wear but his party clothes (what he would wear to show off his wealth and importance to the City Folk).

I have been watching a lot of videos on YouTube showing people how to make their own top hats out of foam to look like they are made out of riveted metal so we fancied the idea of a metal top hat. This turned into a crown with bits of iron railings bolted onto it.

We also figured it would be cold in Junk Town so his clothing would feature lots of fur perhaps so for a party look we settled on the idea of a sheepskin bomber jacket.

He also has a pair of delicate sunglasses which would be very valuable at this time and a status symbol because there would be so few undamaged pairs of glasses left.

If you too would like to get into a steampunk mood while reading this marvellous blog why not check out this video on how to make a steampunk top hat out of foam from “Lost Wax”:

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