About this Blog

As you’ll see in my profile Collette Knowles is the name, puppets are the game!  However, I take the business of entertainment and puppetry very seriously, (even if I’m being serious about being frivolous and taking a poke at the status quo).

  • I aim to document the projects I am working on, hopefully with lots of nice piccys.
  • I also intend to use this, (hopefully), as a forum for debate on various issues relevant to my work;  such as the best making techniques and that kind of thing.
  • I aim to make it a resource for people to find out stuff about puppets, be you a professional puppeteer, a hobby crafter, a primary school teacher, a theatre director, a community artist or if you are just simply puppet curious.

Enjoy, enjoy!


5 thoughts on “About this Blog

  1. Congratulations Collette – a most interesting blog, which raises a number of frivolous questions:
    Do you ever feel tempted to eat your puppet theatre?
    If so, do you have to write this into your risk assessment?
    Do you keep a spare, in case of ‘munchie’ emergencies?
    Thank you for listening.

    • Thank you very much Clare for your “frivolous” questions. I considered giving a frivolous answer such as, “Anyone who attempts to eat the theatre or the scenery gets cooked in an oven by a witch”. But the truth is that unless you enjoy the taste of P.V.A. glue, (which is how the liquorice is attached), you would really have to be desperate.

      In terms of having a spare, readers may be interested to note that I do have a slightly smaller toy theatre decorated more conventionally that I am going to use to “mock up” all the scenery and characters for Hansel & Gretel before I build the larger sized one. In this way I hope to avoid wasting materials if our ideas turn out not to work in practice.
      And thank you for listening.

  2. Hi Collette! You recently left a comment on my post, so I thought I’d return the favor. You asked about any advice concerning the aesthetic of your blog that might improve it.

    One thing that immediately struck me when I visited for the first time is that your blog looks a bit sterile. My first impression was that it was a relatively new blog, but then I saw that you have a dropdown menu with archives going back to last year, so you clearly have content. I would suggest changing the format from a dropdown to a list of recent posts (including the titles and some text from each one) to pique readers’ interest and know what is current on your blog.

    Also, the white background with the purple behind it is a little glaring on the eyes, but this is completely up to you. I might suggest using a picture background related to your puppet profession. Speaking of pictures, perhaps you might try a different theme suited to photography if you like to share those in your posts.

    I hope this helps! And I hope you get some traffic to your blog from your comment on mine.

    • Thanks very much for the feedback Ed. I agree with a lot of what you have said.

      I picked this theme because it allows you to have a custom header, but it does seem to be quite difficult to upload lots of photos.

      I also did want to try and make it easier for people to comment. Initially i just had all the posts going down the page, but I realised people could read them without clicking on them and would then not see a comment/share options at all!

      I also think a picture background could be good. Perhaps I should have a change now that I’ve had a year to get used to how this format works. I could even ask people to vote on whether they like the new format! Still it’s a “when I’ve got time” job. I’ll have to see how it goes.

      I shall see if I can find a format that lets me do the things you suggest.

      All the best

    • Dear Ed,

      I have changed a few things within the limits of this theme. The widget for the recent posts doesn’t show anything but titles, but perhaps it is better than before?

      Do you like this background better? It was quite difficult to find something that wasn’t too fussy with my giant monster header, (of which I am very fond).

      I also realised I didn’t need the extra “search” widget as there is already one on the header, (DOH!). I had thought it was for searching ALL the wordpress blogs, but that one’s higher up!

      All the best

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