Mad Hatters Tea Party and Jabberwocky at Castlefield Carnival

The title says it all really!


If you’re anywhere near Manchester on the 4th of August, why not pop along to Castlefield Arena.  There among other attractions you can see Myself performing our famous “Jabberwocky!” shadow suitcase show and Tim Austin doing our fabulous “Mad Hatter’s Tea Party” walkabout.  So all in all a bit of a Lewis Carroll theme going on!

CLICK HERE for more information on this and our other performances coming up in August & September.



“We’ll Follow Mr & Mrs Spoon”….At Last More Spoon Puppet Pics!

You may remember towards the end of last year mentioning a spoon rod puppet making workshop I did at a school, (CLICK HERE FOR ORIGINAL POST).  This was with a Year 2 class at St. Stephen’s C.P. School in Skipton.

Class teacher Carmel Heckman has now sent me photos of some of the finished puppets made by the children.

Mrs. Heckman asked for a puppet workshop that taught the children about joints and I got the basic puppets made with them on the day I visited.  However, the children finished off the puppets adding all the costume details, facial expressions and hair on their own.  They also made the theatre backdrops with their teacher after my visit.  So I was very pleased to see what an excellent job they (and Mrs. Heckman) did of finishing the puppets off.

We had discussed how you can create a character and convey information about what the character is like using the facial expression, colour and costume elements while I was there too.

Mrs. Heckman said:

“We made some wonderful puppets and then we made the theatres, which we only just finished a couple of weeks ago!….The children still talk about the workshop and we continue to be creative every day.  Many thanks for your input.”

If you want a puppet project of some sort at your school, do not hesitate to contact me.  I’m happy to discuss your requirements and create a workshop that fits in with topics that you want to do.  We can also make whatever type of puppets you would like.  Of course, we do shows as well, if that is what you would like.  CLICK HERE TO CONTACT ME