Celebrating & Evaluating “My Last CARnival” + St. Simeon, Patron St. of Puppeteers!

After the wonderful experience of making “Fred Fettler’s “Pony 3000” The Transport of the Future” for the “My Last CARnival” event, the fun did not end there.

Pioneer Projects, who commissioned Rough Magic Theatre to create the “Pony 3000” show wanted to thank everybody who had been involved with “My Last CARnival”, “My Last Car” and the Jubilee Flotilla and Picnic celebrations and to get feedback from everyone about the event as well.

So Tim Austin, Eddie Knowles and I, (not being ones to turn up our noses at scones with strawberries and cream, vol au vents and fruit punch) all went along.  I jest of course, it was very nice to be treated with drinks and nibbles, but that wasn’t our only reason for going.  A very big thank you to those who helped prepare all the lovely food, by the way.

I was very pleased to see Alan Dix again, (the artistic director of 509 arts) who was presented with a lovely model of a carbon footprint with a model car sticking out of it in memory of the occasion.  Their “My Last Car” performance and exhibition was absolutely top quality and a real treat to have right on our doorstep in Bentham Town Hall.  This was the feedback I gave to him, both from myself and from comments of other audience members that I heard at the time.  Alan returned the compliment by telling me what he had thought of our street theatre performance.  He said that he wasn’t quite sure how it was going to work at first, but that it was extremely “witty” and he’d enjoyed it a lot.  Here is 509 arts evaluation video of the event and you can just see me with my traffic cone on the bottom right towards the end!

I also found out that there is a Patron Saint of Puppeteers this week, whose feast day can be celebrated either on the 1st or 21st of July according to which calendar you follow!

Click HERE for the Puppeteers UK article on St. Simeon Salus (or Salos)

Please note, everyone, that Buxton Opera House are now taking bookings for our Shadow puppet workshop and “Alice in Wonderland” performances on the 24th of July, please see “Where You Can See Me” page for more details.