Jellyfish at Carnival Bentham and Mad Tea Parties in Ormskirk

Hello again to all my lovely readers.  We’ve been very busy recently with various things including rehearsals for “The Tempest” which will be performed in Hereford on Saturday the 23rd July.  And that is my excuse for not doing a blog post before now.

Above are some photos from our recent performances including a parade jellyfish made on an umbrella frame for Carnival Bentham (which had an umbrella theme this year) and our ever popular “Interrupted Wedding” shadow puppet show, which uses an umbrella for a screen was performed by me in Bentham Auction Mart’s Bull Ring.

Below that are a couple of photos from our recent Mad Hatter’s Tea Party walkabout show in Ormskirk with myself as Alice and Tim Austin as the Mad Hatter.  This was for the Chapel Gallery monthly makers market and we went out and about the town centre and as well as our usual entertaining walkabout show told everyone about the Makers’ Market at the Chapel Gallery.  This was full of all sorts of interesting things from lino printing to wood turning to jewellery and glitter tattoos and all being sold by the people who actually made the things (hence makers’ market).

Afterwards we relaxed and had a cup of tea in the gallery cafe which I would highly recommend.  Not only did the tea pots come in a variety of highly coloured hand made tea cosies but the staff were incredibly helpful and friendly.  In most places I have to ask for extra hot water but here I was offered extra hot water and extra tea bags without my having to ask at all!  We only sampled one kind ourselves but there was also a variety of yummy looking cakes to choose from, (we had a coconut slice which was very tasty).

This weekend both Beverley Puppet Festival and Horse + Bamboo are running excellent puppet festivals on so why not check them out?


“The Interrupted Wedding” Shadow Show goes to Ladybarn Primary School

Hello again everybody.  Sorry to have gone a bit quiet for a while. This January I have been mostly attending lots of networking meetings, making plans for the year etc.  So I thought I’d wait till I had something a bit more exciting to blog about.

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Last week though I visited Ladybarn Primary School in Manchester.  The Year 2s were doing a project called Puppets & Magic.  The teachers planned to make hand puppets out of felt with the children and wanted them to be inspired by seeing some professionally made puppets. So I performed our Shadow Puppet Show “The Interrupted Wedding” and did a bit of a lecture demonstration looking at different types of puppet from around the world and some of the history etc.  Then I showed the children some performance techniques and then the children played with different types of puppets themselves. “The Interrupted Wedding” is performed using an umbrella for a shadow screen and is a show we use for parties as well as in schools. The show went down extremely well with the children who really enjoyed the story.  This story is an original one written by Rough Magic Theatre’s own Tim Austin.  It is always nice when children tell you they have enjoyed something without being prompted.  In my experience children give very honest reactions compared to adults who might want to be polite and spare your feelings. They also seemed to particularly enjoy seeing some of the puppets from other Rough Magic Theatre productions that I brought in for them to see.  There were 2 rod puppets from our version of Shakespeare’s The Tempest, (Stephano and Caliban), the “Pig/Baby” double ended “mouth” puppet  from Alice in Wonderland and the Bunraku style Alice puppet with real hair, (which came off my own head).  The Alice puppet is fun to show how she works as you can see all her insides by lifting up her dress, (kids always find that kind of thing funny) and then of course her head can be removed to show the hand control.  Seeing the Alice puppet’s body without its head is also something children appreciate a lot! The next school we are visiting is in Keighley where we will be doing our “Hansel & Gretel” show and doing a shoe-box toy theatre workshop.  You can read about this workshop in an earlier blog post HERE. If you are interested in booking any of the above shows or workshops please get in contact.  Click HERE to get in touch.