Halloween Events

Rough Magic Theatre have lots to offer for Halloween parties, festivals and parades.

Here’s a few examples! –

Hansel & Gretel – Toy Theatre Show

Click Here for Video & More Info.

With a scary witch and spooky creatures in the woods, this show provides thrills and chills for all ages.  Don’t worry, though, it has a happy ending and has been tested on children as young as 3 yrs old!

Why not book us for your party or event, and we can provide themed workshops and games as well!

The Interrupted Wedding – Shadow Puppet Show

Click Picture for More Info.

A fabulous story of love and betrayal with evil magicians, ghostly apparitions and horrible sea monsters.  Suitable for all ages and only 15 minutes long!

This show can be used as part of our Pirate Party package, with prizes, treasure hunt, games and Jolly Rodger the michievous puppet parrot of Terrible Tim the (not very) fearsome pirate.  If you would like different themed games and activities, (halloween, witches & wizards, vampires, werewolves, zombies, ghosts, goblins & fairies) please ask!

Alternatively it can be performed multiple times as part of a larger event.

Giant Jabberwocky Walkabout/Parade Puppet

As seen recently at “That’s The Way To Do It” Puppet Festival at Kirkleatham Museum, Redcar.

Suitable for Outdoor events.  The Giant Jabberwock makes a big visual impact either swooping and growling past in a parade or getting up close and personal and menacing your audience individually.  He actually made two small babies laugh at Redcar, (as we told the parents – he REALLY loves babies :))

If you have a night-time event, this monster can be adapted to light up like a lantern – please ask!

Jabberwocky! – Walkabout Shadow Puppet Show

Click Picture for Video & More Info.

Fabulous musical adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s famous poem in a suitcase shadow theatre.  Full of weird monsters and creatures of all kinds.

Suitable for outdoor or indoor events, daylight or evening.  Can also be combined with other activities such as shadow puppet making for a fun and unusual party.

Great for schools or libraries because of the literary source, could easily be combined with nonsense or spooky poem workshop.

Don’t Forget, If the options above do not fit with your event, contact us and we will find an arrangement that is right for you!



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